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Wearable art for the Soul.
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New Beginnings with Odin Petite

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The New Beginning Collection

GodDaughters' Odin Collection is inspired by the ancient Nordic rune Odin, symbolizing “New Beginnings” or a “Clean Slate.” 

You are the diamond on this design, about to embark on your new adventure.

The Odin Collection will inspire you to shape your destiny and remember one simple thought… “I am my new beginning.” Perfect for anyone embarking on a new chapter, or quest, in life.

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The Tulip Collection

An everlasting symbol reminding us of our inner power and ability to grow, flourish and look toward light

The Tulip, widely known to symbolize love, friendship, and luck is one of the few flowers that continues to grow even after it has been cut. Miraculously, the tulip continues to thrive in the face of adversity and challenges that are beyond its control. Tulips often stand and reach to face the strongest source of light and defy gravity. This little flower should be an inspiration and a reminder that beauty and strength can be found in even the most challenging circumstances.

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The Warrior Collection

Evoke your Warrior Spirit...

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The Angel Collection

Feel Guidance and Protection...

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The Creed of The University of Love and Friendship

United by the bond of sincere and lasting friendship;
We believe in Love, Honor, Truth and Peace.
Enrich the lives of others with love,
And above all, believe in yourself!


Zen Collection
Designs inspired by the Buddha


Be the architect of your our own fate.

Watch the good Karma roll into your life while wearing the Dharma VIII Wheel necklace to remind you to focus on the righteous way to live.


The Lucky Frog Medallion

DREAM of Mr. Right
And with a little LUCK
Your frog will TRANSFORM
Into a Prince.


The Touched Collection

A tribute & expression of the infinite Love between you and your Dog.